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Cereal Process Technologies is a Limited Liability Company managed by seasoned professionals in the agricultural processing and corn milling industries. CPT holds the license to the patented technology used in those processes.

Mr. R. James Giguere invented the corn dry-fractionation technology CPT employs in its milling process. He continues to hold the original patents for his innovation. A chemical engineer, Mr. Giguere’s career spans more than fifty years in wet and dry corn milling for food and industrial markets and in ethanol processing. Although retired, Mr. Giguere remains active in the company. His process and design innovations continue to advance corn dry-milling technologies.

Five corn milling and processing plants currently use the CPT technology for food, industrial and ethanol purposes. They include the world’s largest corn dry mill, Valero’s ethanol plant in Jefferson, Wisconsin. Constructed in 2007, this plant has continually produced higher value products even in thin margin environments. The newest CPT facility is the Pilot Plant located at the National Corn to Ethanol Research Center in Edwardsville, Illinois.  This pilot plant, provided by CPT to NCERC, allows cutting edge research in concentrated starch, enhanced bran for cellulosic opportunities and other value-added research projects.  CPT is also in the process of constructing a large-scale milling facility in Iowa targeted for completion in early 2014.

All of these facilities chose CPT technology because of its proven ability to effectively separate each of the corn kernel’s key constituents: endosperm, germ (oil) and bran. CPT’s fractionation system delivers a much purer starch stream called "Degermed Debranned Corn" (DDC) , which significantly improves the efficiency at the ethanol plant. At the same time, dry fractionation enables the ethanol plant to capture significantly higher value from the corn by entering newer, and growing, markets . The technology unleashes the capability to extract 1.2 to 1.4 pounds of pure corn oil per bushel for use in edible or biodiesel markets. Bran, or fiber, can be used for feed, thermal energy and cellulosic ethanol. High protein DDG replaces DDGS with much higher value and the ability to increase the usage in monogastric animal diets such as swine, poultry and fish.  Commercial research is also being conducted to optimize biobutanol with fractionation and other confidential applications that hold tremendous promise.

CPT's dry corn fractionation technology has been used for more than 3 decades to produce ingredients for the beverage, alcohol and snack foods industries and petroleum drilling fluids, making it the most proven fractionation technology in the industry.

The CPT process is simple, yet elegant.  Infinite turn-down capability and process flexibility make it the perfect technology for an industry looking for new ways to enhance the bottom line.








R. James Giguere, Inventor of CPT Corn Dry Fractionation Technology

Jim invented the corn dry-fractionation technology CPT uses, and he continues to hold each of the original patents for the process.

After earning his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota, Jim spent his career of more than 50 years in the corn processing industry. His vast experience includes wet mills, ethanol processing and corn products processing for the food industry.

In the early ‘70s, Jim began the research into more efficient methods for fractioning corn for food use. Beginning his search with a pair of pliers and a pile of corn kernels, Jim discovered techniques for a process that is today the most economical corn fractionation process in existence. The process Jim created from his discovery has been called “elegant in its simplicity,” a characterization that recognizes its high efficiency and low demand for energy.

Jim’s expertise continues to serve the industry and his patented corn dry-fractionation process design. His most recent technology advance includes a patent-pending system for a more effective and efficient aspiration system.

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Kenneth "Pete" Moss

Pete Moss is the  President of CPT.  Pete’s knowledge and experience elevates CPT to a new level as the firm expands its role as the leader in corn dry fractionation technology.

Pete has been actively involved with CPT since its inception as a part owner and investor in the company.  His background in marketing, commercialization and finance allow him to focus on the most important aspect of the business – the customer’s needs.  “We have developed some incredibly dynamic models to predict the added value that fractionation brings to ethanol facilities.  This interactive model can be tailored to a specific site, reflecting local corn costs, operating cost reductions and markets for the co-products that are produced.  The value of CPT’s unique process can be illustrated, in a site-specific manner, to help the ethanol facility make a more informed decision.”

Pete began his career as the marketing manager for a large-scale soybean processing facility, responsible for procurement of various commodities including 20 million bushels of soybeans per year, and marketing of products.  He served as vice-president of a regional bank and currently owns and manages Frazier, Barnes & Associates, a leading consulting firm in the renewable energy and agricultural processing space.

Pete has a B.S. degree in management and an M.B.A.  He serves on the Board of the Tennessee Biotechnology Association and has been involved with the following organizations:

  • Growth Energy
  • National Algae Association
  • Biomass Power Association
  • West Tennessee Clean Cities Organization


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Michael L. Regier, Technical Director

Michael Regier joined Cereal Process Technologies as the Technical Director in January 2007.  Michael is responsible for process design, system engineering, procurement, construction management, and commissioning of CPT fractionation facilities.  He also oversees the
post-commissioning services.

Previously Technical Manager for Iowa Corn Processors in Glidden, Iowa, who also employs the Giguere patented corn milling process, Michael was chief engineer for new processing and handling systems, production improvement, R&D functions, and value-added services for the company’s products and co-products.

He brings extensive grain processing experience from work with Miller Milling Company, Wilkins-Rogers, Inc., ConAgra Flour Milling Company and Rocky Mountain Flour Milling, LLC.   A native of Kansas, Michael earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Milling Science and Management, Operations, from Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas.