Corn Dry Fractionation-
True Diversification

Corn Fractionation is the gateway to value-added products, a smaller carbon footprint and True Diversification.  With more and more emphasis on co-product enhancement and the desire to diversify, increased attention is being focused on corn fractionation.  CPT’s technology is proven, patented and bankable.  It has operated continuously in the ethanol industry for over a decade!

Fractionation is a process that separates the components of corn prior to the ethanol plant.  Removing the germ and fiber before fermentation provides many benefits to the ethanol plant, including significant energy savings, higher value products and plant diversification.  The front-end separation leaves each component dry, pure and unadulterated.  Fractionation also allows the ethanol plant to produce a high protein, low fiber DDG that can be fed to all types of livestock – dairy, poultry, swine and fish.

Most ethanol plants have been extracting Distillers Corn Oil (DCO) from within the process and have figured out that corn oil can be a very lucrative product for the ethanol plant.  CPT takes it one step further, extracting much more oil per bushel of corn.  With CPT’s technology, ethanol plants now have the capability to diversify their product offering and significantly increase their profits by extracting more than a pound of oil per bushel of corn from the germ stream, while still extracting DCO from the back end.  Front-end oil could be used to make biodiesel or other higher value products.  Other products from the raw components of a corn kernel, such as the fiber and endosperm, can be produced. 

CPT has the capability to deliver a turn-key plant that includes corn fractionation and oil extraction to ethanol plants seeking diversification, new market opportunities and reduced energy consumption.  Ethanol facilities need additional revenues and new markets to grow.  Improve your ethanol plant and improve your bottom line significantly by contacting CPT today for a free consultation and quote. 


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