Cereal Process Technologies




Is Fractionation a Proven Technology?

CPT’s Fractionation Technology has been in use continually for more than 30 years at multiple locations.  In the ethanol industry, our system has run, even through the downturns, since 2007.  It is used commercially in edible corn mills, industrial corn mills, ethanol and the National Corn to Ethanol Research Center.


What Makes CPT Different?

CPT’s system is different for many reasons.  The proprietary and patented technology is the key, leading to less equipment and a lower capital cost.  Even with less equipment, our technology has the best component separation.  The critical factor in fractionation is to create the cleanest streams in the most efficient manner.


How Can Fractionation Help Me Stay Competitive?

With CPT Fractionation and a proprietary biodiesel technology, the ethanol plant can become a sustainable operation.  Biodiesel can be produced at a fraction of the cost relative to the rest of the industry because the oil was purchased when the plant purchased the corn.  All CPT does is get more of it out than anyone else.


Will Fractionation Reduce My Energy Costs?

Yes.  Turn off your hammer mills and don’t process the components that do not turn into ethanol.  By removing the non-fermentable components on the front-end, process savings are realized throughout the plant.


How Can I Purchase A System?

Contact CPT for a free quotation.  Firm pricing can be obtained through a preliminary engineering study based on the size and current infrastructure of your facility.


This is a New Process for our Company.  Is Management and Marketing Assistance Available?

CPT offers management agreements for the system and sales contracts for the biodiesel and other products that are produced.  We have the expertise to make sure that your ethanol plant is profitable and strategically positioned within the industry.