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Adding Value to Your Feedstock Purchase

The True Value Proposition
Adding Value to Your Feedstock Purchase


You’ve paid for your ethanol plant’s feedstock. Now get its full value...with CPT’s patented and proven corn dry-fractionation technology.

Fractionation is a technique that separates the three main components of the corn kernel -- endosperm, germ and bran -- to get more return from each bushel of corn. Fractionation provides more efficient and economical ethanol production and a way to garner more value from the feedstock the ethanol producer has already paid for.  Since corn is an ethanol plant’s largest out of pocket expense, and only 1/3 of the product streams are currently ethanol, it makes perfect sense to seek additional value-added product streams.

CPT uses a patented dry milling process to separate the kernel’s parts before endosperm, or the fermentable starch, is introduced into the fermenter. And it keeps the non-fermentable germ and bran for new markets and new profits.

CPT’s corn dry-milling technology is the most efficient in the industry:

·        The only proven technology in the industry with over 30 years of operational history.
·        Built in modules, CPT’s system is sized to your needs and your budget.
·        At half the horsepower, it costs a lot less to operate.
·        The CPT fractionation system can be started and shut down in less than five minutes.
·        More than 1.33 pounds of edible corn oil per bushel can be extracted.
·        CPT’s small footprint allows it to easily fit in existing and new ethanol plants.
·        The most pure corn germ and corn bran streams in the industry.
·        Allows capacity increases in new and expanding plants.

Fractionation means lower production costs for ethanol and higher product value per bushel of corn.

A picture of corn and CPT's 3 primary product streams indicates the relative size of the various components: