CPT FEW Newsletter 2017

Corn Component Separation - Fiber Purity

Diversification equals Purity plus Yield. CPT offers corn separation systems that yield the highest purity levels of fiber, the highest purity levels of starch and the highest purity levels of germ and oil. That is what True Diversification is all about. If you want to produce the highest quality products, doesn't it make sense to start with the highest quality feedstock? CPT's fiber stream is removed prior to the ethanol process, same as the germ and the endosperm, leading to diversification of profits.


If you would like to learn more about this proven and highly celebrated technology, please stop by Booth 321 at the FEW or contact us at 913-957-7525.

Michael Regier, Vice President, will be presenting Tuesday, June 20. The presentation is titled Corn Dry Fractionation: Advantages of Corn Component Separation and will be located on Track 3: Coproduct and Product Diversification in Room 101FG at 1:30 pm. View the full agenda here.


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