CPT Newsletter- October 2015

Greetings Biofuels and Biochemical Producers! 

As the industry as a whole continues to evaluate value-added enhancements, we at Cereal Process Technologies would like to invite you to explore what corn dry fractionation can do for your operation.  We welcome you to explore our robust technology and newly patented enhancements.  Let us review with you how corn dry fractionation can allow your company to diversify risk and significantly increase profit margins.  The industry is at a crossroads and must innovate to survive and thrive.  Now is the time to learn what is new and exciting in the world of fractionation including bran to cellulose, full article…

CPT has some exciting developments that will dramatically improve the ethanol industry.  Our new degerminator has completed testing and allows your operations crew unprecedented control over the most critical milling step in a corn dry fractionation system.  CPT has received a provisional patent for this.  By allowing the operator to fine tune the adjustments to thousandths of an inch and very small RPM increments, the effects on milling due to variability in the incoming corn are virtually eliminated.  An onboard interface and communications package can provide real time trend data of the machine’s parameters and condition, keeping the maintenance department up to date and reducing unexpected downtime.

               CPT continues to innovate with a new process improvement that leads to even better component separation, above what our industry-leading process could provide before.  Patented in 2012, this improvement increases the ability of the germ to be extracted without damage.  This gives the ethanol plant more starch in the starch pile, more germ in the germ pile and more bran in the bran pile.  Over 80% of the corn oil is contained in CPT’s germ!  At the same time, the endosperm stream becomes even higher in starch content.  Ask us today how this small change can have a huge impact on your plant’s efficiency.

               Cellulosic ethanol technology development continues to be a front page topic of discussion.  Our industry needs to evolve to incorporate other feedstocks.  A challenge in doing so is the infrastructure needed to harvest, store, and supply cellulosic material.  We at CPT feel that a plant can supplement or even supply 100% of this material with the bran that is removed with our process.  What better way to harvest, store, and supply cellulosic feedstock than to have it on your corn already!  Bran comes off of our corn dry fractionation process ready for a cellulosic pre-processing step – and you’ve already paid for the feedstock!  Corn bran is an ideal feedstock for cellulosic biofuels and chemicals processing.  It is very low in lignin content and high in fiber, and it won’t rot sitting in a storage field.  CPT is working with several cellulosic ethanol technology companies to further develop the system converting corn bran into biofuels. 

               In addition to biofuels and biochemicals, corn dry fractionation can benefit other industries such as protein isolation, amino acid concentration, feedstuff processing, and starch purification.  CPT has strategic alliances in place with industry leaders who are on the forefront of changing the future of corn usage.  These technologies can in some cases be included in a base corn dry fractionation for ethanol project.  Your ethanol plant can become a true bio-refinery, producing food, fuel, feed, and chemicals.  Contact us today to see how you can partner up!

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