Corn Dry Fractionation – The New Era

Fractionation has long been considered a promising technology with tremendous potential.  Although a few companies have installed corn fractionation in commercial ethanol plants, only CPT’s technology has been operating continuously for the past six years in one of the most successful ethanol operations in the country.

In recent years, ethanol plants have begun to extract oil from within the process and have figured out that corn oil can be a very lucrative product for the ethanol plant.  CPT takes it one step further, and it is a big step.  With CPT’s technology, ethanol plants now have the capability to diversify their product offering and significantly increase their profits by extracting 3 times the oil and converting the front and back-end oil into biodiesel.  It is clear that the road ahead for ethanol could be rocky.  CPT offers a new alternative to diversify and add value to the same bushel of corn.


Why do ethanol plants currently sell their distiller's corn oil for other's to add value instead making their own biodiesel and keeping the value?  Quite simply, ethanol plants don’t have the volume of corn oil to build a biodiesel plant large enough to compete in the market place.  With CPT’s Double-Bio Package, the ethanol plant can become a true biorefinery capable of producing biodiesel that meets ASTM specifications and the rigid winter cloud point specifications.  With essentially no feedstock cost and no inbound transportation cost, all of the profit goes to the bottom line, increasing EBITDA by approximately 50%.

CPT has the capability to deliver a turn-key plant that includes corn fractionation and biodiesel to ethanol plants who understand that the market is changing.  Ethanol facilities need to diversify into a growing market now more than ever.  Improve your ethanol plant and improve your bottom line significantly by contacting CPT today for a free consultation and quote.  Beat the Blend-wall, beat the competition, and beat the odds with CPT’s proven fractionation and biodiesel technology package.


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