Cereal Process Technologies



Cereal Process Technologies continues to innovate with new process enhancements and newly patented corn fractionation technology.  CPT fractionation is the only corn milling technology that works in the ethanol industry for two primary reasons:

  • Cleanest Separation
  • Process Flexibility

“It has always been about extracting the highest value components efficiently,” says Pete Moss, President of CPT.  “Anybody can grind corn, and many people have tried separating the components, but nobody has been able to replicate or beat CPT’s efficient and cost effective technology.”  If you can’t put a large percentage of starch into the starch stream and you can’t put a large percentage of germ in the germ stream, you will fail.  CPT figured out long ago that flexibility and clean separation with minimal equipment were the keys to successful fractionation in the ethanol industry.  MarketFlex™ extracts the maximum amount of starch and germ to optimize product yields.

The direction of the ethanol industry is determined to a great extent by government bureaucrats and politicians.  MarketFlex™ allows the ethanol industry to make a wider array of products that are sought by the market.  Much like wet mills, MarketFlex™ allows the ethanol industry to “Flex” into other products based on supply and demand.  Edible corn oil, glucose, corn protein concentrate and cellulosic ethanol from the bran are just a few of the products that can now be produced with CPT’s fractionation system. 


"MarketFlex™ puts ethanol plant operators in the driver's seat," according to Moss. "It gives them full control to mill the fractions that will yield the highest profitability. And it opens the door to new ways to serve additional markets. The use of MarketFlex™, even under current conditions will allow marginal ethanol plants to increase their earnings by nearly 50%." 

The ethanol industry is getting accosted on every front.  Fractionation is the coat of armor that protects the industry from market swings as well as poorly managed government programs. 

More information is available by calling Pete Moss, President, at (913) 851-4600.