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CPT Corn Dry Fractionation
Innovation in Engineering and Services

Experience to Sustain Your Investment and Cash Flow

Cereal Process Technologies is the world leader in corn dry-fractionation technology. Our experience includes the design, technology and engineering that successfully built the world’s largest commercial corn dry fractionation plant. CPT also engineered and constructed the fractionation pilot plant at the National Corn to Ethanol Research Center and we are currently constructing a commercial corn mill designed and engineered internally.  Our technology partners have decades of experience engineering, constructing and managing large-scale crush plants and biodiesel facilties.


The strength of our engineering practices and extensive technical knowledge assures our clients the highest quality system – on schedule and within budget. Our commitment to excellence does not end with the completion of the project. We continue to strive for enhancements in engineering and service and we share those innovations with our clients.

CPT can provide complete system services, from assistance with staff acquisition (within or outside the client’s human resources function) to complete system management and operation.

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